Moving Thunderbird and Firefox profile to another directory on windows

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Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird store there user data (call profile) in a directory like C:\Users\ Benjamin\ AppData\ Roaming\ Thunderbird\ Profiles\8wdolvkx.default on the hard disk your windows is installed. But many users want to move this directory to another location (e.g. to another disk to all your data).

In the profiles all bookmarks, the browser history, passwords and emails are stored.

With starting the Thunderbird (or Firefox) executable from the command line with the parameter –p a profile manager will be open. Here you can create a new profile in a new directory anywhere on your computer. After creating a new profile you can easily copy all files from the old profile location to the new one and delete the old profile (with the profile manager).

FreeMind and Vista

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I’m running the mind mapping tool FreeMind for a while now, but with upgrading my operating system to Vista FreeMind started to behave strange. It seems that no standard dialog windows can be open (like open file or save file dialog). If I want to use the “save as? command nothing happened (no dialog window, no exception – just nothing). The behavior is the same for the current version 0.8 and the current beta version 0.9beta9.

But there is a very easy way to fix this problem. With upgrading my Java Virtual Machine for Sun Java 5.something to the current JDK version (1.6.0_02) everything works fine again.

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