iTunes and multiple libraries

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For some reason it can be a good idea to manage your music shared over multiple libraries in iTunes. For example I have one library with all music stored on the disk of my notebook – this is my favorite music and I use this library when I travel. At home much more music is stored on a Linux server and I can access this music over a samba share. My second library holds all the music I can only listen to at home.

But it seems there is no function in iTunes called open library or similar. It is a well hidden feature: when starting iTunes just hold the Shift-key until the following dialog appears.



(On a Mac another key is used to get to this dialog. It’s one of shift, command, apple-key but since I don’t own a Mac I don’t know. Maybe someone can comment it.)

One Response to “iTunes and multiple libraries”

  1. doris Says:

    alt bzw. option – wie man am mac sagt – ist es für alle apple user… 🙂

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