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It was very silent here in the past month. That was mainly because I was working on my diploma thesis until the end of September. After that I did my final exam and started working in Bonn. Now it is December and almost 2009. I’m sitting in a plane to Australia for holiday and have much time to write articles. I will try to keep this blog alive and will write articles more frequently.

Today I will introduce Flow. With Flow you can model the behavior of nodes in a wireless sensor network (WSN) in a data driven and event driven manor. I developed Flow as part of my diploma thesis.

Flow is build as a Visual Studio Addon (a VS Package) on top of the DSL-Tools containing three different domain specific languages to describe different parts of the software running on a sensor node. These different DSLs are working together and using most of the techniques I described earlier in this blog. E.g. my library JaDAL was initially build to support this diploma thesis.

You will find screenshots, more explanations and Flow itself on http://flow.irgendwie.net. While the webpage and the software are available in English the thesis itself is a pdf-document and can only be downloaded in a German version.

The software is fully working and if no wireless sensor network is available you can use a node simulator to evaluate Flow. The code is released under the new BSD license and also available for download.


Dataflows modeled with Flow looks like that:


The simulated sensor nodes are represented as Windows forms programmed by such dataflows:


For more information just visit http://flow.irgendwie.net.

2 Responses to “Flow”

  1. aheil Says:

    flow.irgendwie.net says New BSD – in the blog article you say GPL. So, what’s finally the license?

  2. Benjamin Schröter Says:

    You are right, there is a mistake in this article (I corrected it already).

    The license used for Flow is the new BSD license as written on the Flow webpage.

    Thanks a lot for noticing the difference.

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