Cannot access VMware Server Web Access

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I’m running a VMware Server 2 on a Linux box and access this service via the VMware Server Web Interface at https://server-name:8333. This is a pretty usual way of interacting with VMware Server.

But suddenly I cannot access the website any more. Internet Explorer just said “Loading…” forever but nothing happened.

If the same happened to you try to switch Internet Explorer into Compatibility View and it may work again (it did on my machine).


VMWare Workstation demands Administrator rights – even if you have those

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Whenever I move my system to a new laptop I create a virtual machine from my old system. Sometimes it is easier to access stuff I forget to copy from a running system than from mounted backup devices.

To create virtual machines from a running system I use VMWare Workstation, which outperforms VirtualPC by far (imho).

Some days ago I tried to create a VM from a Win7/64 system. I was quiet surprised when VMWare Workstation told me, I needed Administrator rights:



So what – I have administrative rights. But the Workstation didn’t believe me. Since that held me from moving to my new laptop I was really p*ssed.

Luckily some smart guy found this solution.

I think this is clearly a bug, but so far VmWare Workstation demand Administrator-rights in the literal sense: It only accepts, when you are logged in as THE Administrator:

  • start c:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe from explorer using "execute as administrator".
  • type net user Administrator /active:yes
  • logoff & reboot
  • login as Administrator
  • create your image
  • Complain at VMWare.
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